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What is primary care and when do we need a Primary Care Provider?
Primary Care Providers (PCP) treat a range of common ailments for people of all backgrounds — including young and old patients, men, women, and children. We help guide families through the complicated medical system, build relationships over time, and help family members prevent disease.
To understand the critical role that PCPs play, here’s a look at what we do and what makes us different from other health care professionals.

What is primary care?
We emphasize care for the family, meaning we can treat anyone in the household — young and old. We also treat a wide range of chronic conditions.
Our main focus is on disease prevention and healthy lifestyle. Sine we are familiar with your health history and current conditions, our partnership in your health is more effective.

We also strongly consider how your health impacts your life and the lives of your family. Often, treatment from a PCP is more beneficial because we have a better understanding of how the treatment fits into the lives of our patients.

PCPs build relationships
Building a strong relationship with your PCP has a range of benefits proven to help patients live longer and healthier lives.
Benefits of having a good relationship with our providers:

1) We can track your health and give you advice. Most ailments have inconspicuous beginnings in unhealthy behaviors and minor health problems. By having regular checkups, we can keep track of key health markers and catch problems before they get worse. Preventing disease is always preferable to treating it.
2) Finding a trusted specialist when you need one. We recognize our limits and will refer you to the appropriate specialist should you need one. We serve as a guide into the greater healthcare system, which is especially useful for everyday people who aren’t familiar with what each specialist does.
3) Working with a provider who has the full picture. We know who you are and have a good grasp of your medical history, saving time and making care more effective. When you see multiple providers, even if it’s for a minor issue, they have to familiarize themselves with each patient and their unique health history.

If you don’t have a PCP, visit our concierge medical center in Fort Washington, PA. Concierge Medical Services has been in operation since 2006, building bonds with patients and helping them live healthier, more fulfilling lives.
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