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Larry Kane “Voice of Reason” on the Health Care Crisis with panelists Ira Gerstman, MD; Mark Pauly, PhD; Theodore Christopher, MD. Air date: 7/19/09.

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Focus on Traditional Medicine Integrated With Holistic Medicine

Traditional western medicine is also referred to as allopathic medicine. Integrative holistic medicine (IHM) is sometimes referred to as complementary or alterna­tive medicine. (The National Institutes of Health has a center that was established in 1998 called the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.) IHM incorporates many areas that focus on the interplay between mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

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‘Concierge’ Doctors On Rise

Article by Karen Knee, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer. Faced with rising costs and patient loads, a small but growing number of primary-care doctors are sharply reducing their practice sizes and charging each patient annual fees of about $2,000 in exchange for personalized care.

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