Patient Written Reviews

We are writing to you as very satisfied fellow patients of Concierge Medical Services with the approval of Dr. David Badolato and Dr. Ira Gerstman. The purpose of this letter is to ask you to tell your friends about the quality care and service we receive, which we are sure you agree, is exemplary.

In these times of confused and uncertain medical reform proposals, probable shortages of physicians, and contradictory statements of insurance coverage, the availability of a resource such as Concierge offers great comfort and peace of mind. In addition, the richness of the relationship with them is further enhanced by the extra time they spend with us.

Please support Concierge Medical Services by sharing a link with your friends and adding your own favorable comments. We are confident your friends will appreciate knowing about the excellent practice of Dr. Badolato and Dr. Gerstman. The doctors will be happy to answer any of your friends’ questions and concerns as well as arrange for a personal meeting. Thank you for sharing your time with us. -George W, Earl Bob F, Carol F, Kit M, CMS-FPUD Patients

Concierge Medical Services of FPUD has made our physician 100% available to us, 24/7.  We have called him from vacations in Utah, in Las Vegas, and from Florida. He has been able to settle our nerves and solve our medical problem immediately. Necessary prescriptions are transmitted to the pharmacy from CMS of FPUD with lightening speed.  Dr. Gerstman is never farther away than the phone or the computer. What a comfort that is! It’s like having our own personal Dr. Marcus Welby! Maybe best of all is the opportunity CMS of FPUD affords us for a wonderful and relaxed personal relationship with our Doctor. We’re thrilled and totally satisfied. -Thea and Richard S, CMS-FPUD Patient

It is truly healthcare as it should be. The benefits are immediate and obvious, and I now feel that I am receiving Health Care as opposed to solely treatment for illness. Besides the high level of care and attention I get from Dr. Badolato during office visits, I am impressed by the ease with which I can contact him by phone or email with routine questions and receive timely answers. It has been many years since contacting a doctor’s office was a simple matter and I deeply appreciate this feature of the concierge model. -Joyce B, CMS-FPUD Patient

When Dr. Gerstman started the Concierge Medical Services, my wife and I did not hesitate joining. We strongly feel that good health and easy access to primary health care is essential to enjoying life to its fullest. Since joining, we can enthusiastically say that his level of service and the peace of mind that it creates are worth every penny! -Fred & Millie S, CMS-FPUD Patient

As I mature and find myself with some chronic problems, it gives me peace of mind to know that my doctor is always available… and, my time with him is not rushed! Also, we do a lot of traveling and it’s great to know that all it takes is a phone call or an email to get a quick response. -Carol J, CMS-FPUD Patient

I did not join in the beginning but after being in the hospital four times, I knew that I needed peace of mind. That was more important than the money. Since joining, I have been able to call and receive a response right away from Dr. Gerstman, including an appointment within 1 hour. I can’t say enough about having your doctor available 24/7. -Linda D, CMS-FPUD Patient

When I first heard of Concierge Medical Services, I was rather dubious. After all, the cost of medical care and medical insurance was, and continues to be, exorbitant. My family and I made the decision to join. Joining CMS was one of the best decisions I could have made for my Dad. Whenever I call the office, my call is returned within minutes. On a recent weekend when I needed help for Dad, Dr. Badolato spoke to me several times and gave me the advice, support, and confidence that I needed, without going to an emergency room! It was wonderful!!! I now have peace of mind and know that my Dad is receiving the best medical care possible. We know that we made the right choice and than Dr. Badolato, his team, and Concierge Medical Services. -Joan B., Daughter of a CMS-FPUD Patient

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