Patient Video Testimonials

CMS - Availability & Accessibility Availability & Accessibility
“Dr. Gerstman has always been available at any time…”
“…ready and responsive…”
CMS - Quality Time & Optimal Care Quality Time & Optimal Care
“Never leave feeling that I didn’t get answers and never feel rushed…”
CMS - Integrative Holistic Medicine Integrative Holistic Medicine
“It really expanded my view of how I looked at traditional medicine.”
CMS - Enhanced Doctor/Patient Relationship Enhanced Relationship“I am amazed at the level and quality of service I get…”
“…very close relationship…”
CMS - Role of the Family Physician Role of the Family Physician“I wanted something where one doctor was treating my entire family.”
CMS - Value for Money Spent Value for Money Spent“I feel like I am getting tremendous value for what I’m spending to be a part of this…”
CMS - Why I Joined CMS Why I Joined CMS“We followed Dr. Badolato because we couldn’t imagine going to another doctor.”

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