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How does Concierge Medicine improve the Provider-Patient relationship?

The complexity and disjointed nature of our current healthcare system is a concern for many people. Concierge medicine is one solution that is growing in popularity and giving patients higher rates of satisfaction with their care.

Benefits of a good Provider-Patient relationship
A good provider-patient relationship is essential to receiving the best care possible. Below is a list of reasons supporting the importance of a good relationship with your healthcare provider.

  • Gain a better understanding of your health. When your provider effectively communicates with you, they can give you a better sense of your overall health, medical conditions and treatment regimens. This communication encourages questions and further discussion.
  • Providers can comfort their patients. The emotional distress that illness can cause is well known. The additional time that concierge medicine affords providers results in much greater caring and empathy for patients.
  • Your provider will understand more about you. Because of the additional time your concierge provider can spend with you, the relationship is enhanced with greater understanding.
  • You will enjoy better health. With the other benefits listed, patients have better health outcomes and greater satisfaction with their care.

How Concierge Medical Services builds better relationships
Concierge Medical Services has fewer patients. Membership in our practice affords patients easier access to providers and staff. We like to call it “back to the future.” Reminiscent of the “old time” family doctor.

More time with patients
A concierge medical practice limits the number of patients they enroll; meaning providers have more time to dedicate to each patient. At Concierge Medical Services, the usual visit is 30-60 minutes and an annual physical is allotted 2 hours. There are obvious benefits to these longer visits. The extra time spent has been shown to result in better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

The annual fee covers all visits
At Concierge Medical Services, there is never a charge for visits or service. They are all covered by the annual fee; therefore, cost is not a barrier to seeking medical attention.

Direct access to your provider
There is no telephone automated attendant at Concierge Medical Services. Our staff answer all calls during regular business hours. The providers are also available after hours, by mobile phone, text or email.

Concierge Medicine in Fort Washington, PA
Are you looking for a concierge practice in or around Fort Washington, PA? Concierge Medical Services opened its doors in 2006, providing care to patients in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties. Call us to learn more about the active role our providers play in your healthcare. Schedule a interview appointment today to see if we are a good fit for you and your healthcare needs.